Get Clear

Feel confident in your career strengths & leadership skills Understanding where you are today and where you want to go is vital to professional development.

Get Noticed

Rise to the top of the candidate pool and get that interview Being noticed for the right reasons by the right people is absolutely necessary for your next growth opportunity.

Get Hired

Celebrate victory in higher income and leadership status Helping you identify and achieve your career and leadership goals is our purpose and our mission.

Welcome to Leap Ahead

We want you to feel confident that you are with the right firm to take you to the next level in your career so you can enjoy Mondays again.

Areas of Expertise

We specialize in helping you through your career transition, improving your leadership skills, developing a personal branding strategy, and engaging your team members for a better work environment.

Personal Branding.  While still a relatively new phrase, the reality of personal branding is not new.  Before a name was put to it, people were assessing other people’s reputation and value before deciding whether to hire or do business with them.
You are not alone.  Career coaching helps you get clear about where you are on your career path, and where you want to be.  Through discussion and various assessment tools, we help you through the steps to the career you deserve.
Leading to Success.  We design programs for both individual and collective leadership development; creating a positive climate for analysis and feedback with defined actions and success factors.  We monitor and assist with execution, guiding individuals and the organization to success.

Advancing Careers



Career Transitioning – It happens all the time. You’ve hit a rock, change has occurred, and the challenge you once enjoyed in your position has disappeared.  It’s time for something different and you’re not sure what that is.  We can help!  Leap Ahead specializes in career development and decision-making.



Leadership Development – You are ready to lead with confidence!  You’re in a leadership position, or soon to be, and feel that there are areas where your leadership skills are not as solid as you’d like them to be.  You’re ready to be the best leader you can be.  You’re on your way with Leap Ahead.



Training – Building better teams strengthens everyone.  Team members benefit from deeper personal awareness and new skill sets; supervisors and managers benefit from improved communication and more effective working relationships; and the organization benefits from improved employee morale and increased productivity.

Positioning Yourself for Success