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Specializing in career advancement, Leap Ahead has developed a suite of adaptable programs;   each geared towards specific career needs and goals.

From simply polishing up a resume to one-on-one individual coaching, we can design a program that fits your needs, schedule and budget.

In your initial consultation, we will help you get clarity on your current career and where you want to be.  Through group- and individual coaching, phone and video conferencing, we’ll help you gain insight and develop a clear career direction.  With tools and materials, we’ll show you how to achieve the highest work performance, assist in preparing for your next career step, and develop a job search strategy.

Meet Dr. Marsha Leap

Dr. Marsha Leap
Dr. Marsha Leap
With over 20 years experience in career management
Expert career development credentials and certifications.
Let’s go!
Let’s go!
Get your career back on track...

why coaching?

Personalized advice

General career advice can only get you so far.  A career coach listens to your fears and your aspirations, and provide unbiased advice.   The coach can give you expert advice on how to positioning your mind, your life and your professional skills to reach your goals.

Dedicated time

You may have the deepest desire to shut off the demands of the world for a little career retrospection, but something always gets in the way.  The great thing about working with a coach is that you’re forced – for an hour or so – to put everything else aside.

Space to Experiment

A formal networking event is not the place to test a new elevator pitch.  During a job interview is not where you want to practice answers.  With a coach, you have a safe place to explore new angles.  You can get real-time feedback, all without real-world repercussions.

how we work

Here’s what you can expect from career coaching:

Self-assessment and discovery.  Clear direction and a specific plan.  Skills development.  Confidence.  And the support and tools to achieve it all!

Take control of your career

Resume Writing: Do you know the standards for resumes in the industry or career for which you seek access? Are you aware of fact-driven success indicators for resumes? Let us make your resume stand out!
Personal Branding
Personal Branding: The mutual relationship between career success and personal branding is a truly unique dynamic that, when understood, has the potential to launch a person to new heights.
Leadership Development
Leadership Development: As the speed of business increases, it easy to focus on the immediate. Better leadership practices can improve an organization’s bottom line by hundreds of thousands—or even millions.